For a brighter and whiter smile this Christmas!

Are you dreaming a white Christmas?

Have a whiter and brighter smile this festive season.

There’s no better time than the holidays to show off a beautiful smile, but that’s hard to do if you feel self-conscious about stained or discolored teeth! But with cosmetic dentistry in Blacktown and Denham Court, you can get fantastic results faster than you would expect – just in time for the holidays. Keep reading to learn about the various types of discoloration, how whitening works, and what your options are for getting the best results possible!

Are you dreaming a white Christmas?

Everybody deserve to smile !!! A nice smile is the first thing you notice on a person’s face. Moreover, a white smile make you look younger, gives you a healthy image, put you in good mood, and Boosts self esteem. Whitening is safe and easy procedure when performed by a dental professional.

Tooth Whitening options:

  • In Chair Teeth Whitening : Your Teeth and gums are isolated. The gel is then applied to the teeth in 3 sessions of 15 minutes while you relax, seat back, watch a movie or listen to music. Teeth generally becomes visibly white compare to the original shade of the teeth. A fluoride treatment usually completes the procedure.
  • Take home Teeth whitening : kit with custom trays (optional): Custom tray whitening with take home gel is an excellent way to whiten your teeth while generally shower than in chair whitening, the results are just as effective. Tray procedure: An impression is made of both your upper and lower arches. This are made in to plaster models, from which the trays are made. Once the trays are made and fitted, you wear this whitening gel for up to 2 hours daily (less time, 30 minute, if using a higher concentration). Typical treatment time is 2-3 weeks, with touch ups every 4-6 months for a night or two.

With one of these whitening treatments, you’ll be giving yourself the holiday gift of a beautiful white smile that you’ll love showing off!

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What are you looking for in a new smile?

help you create your own beautiful movie-star smile

What are you looking for in a new smile? We are help you create your own beautiful movie-star smile.

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Winning Smiles Celebration 2 Year In Denham Court

Successfully  2 years in Denham Court Practice. Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.

Winning Smiles Dental Surgery Denham Court

Winning Smiles Dental Surgery Denham Court

The Winning Smiles team are excited to announce that we have opened a new surgery in Denham Court. So, if you are looking for a dentist in the Campbelltown region, then look no further than Winning Smiles.

Our new practice at Denham Court is located in the Willowdale Shopping Centre, so there’s plenty of parking available. It’s also easily accessible – catering to everyone’s mobility needs.

Winning Smiles at Denham Court is newly furnished and boasts the state-of-the- art dental technology and friendly atmosphere that’s found in our Blacktown surgery. So, if you’re looking for the highest quality dental care without the hassle of travelling to Sydney, our Denham Court surgery is just for you. If you’d like to make an appointment at Winning Smiles Denham Court.

Please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

Winning Smiles Celebration 6 Year In Blacktown

Successfully 6 years completed in Blacktown Practice. Thanks everyone for your ongoing support.

Winning Smiles Dental Surgery Blacktown

Winning Smiles Dental Surgery Blacktown

The Winning Smiles Dental Surgery in Blacktown was established in 2013 by Dr Samreen Kaur and Dr Raman Aulakh. Located on Kempsey St, Blacktown, we have our own carpark available to our patients. Our practice is also wheelchair friendly.

Our practice is fully equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology to provide you with quality care in all areas of dentistry. We also have some added comforts, including relaxing chairs, TV monitors with PlayStation and X-Box for the kids and even pillows and blankets to make your visit with us as relaxing as possible.

So, if you’re looking for a dental experience that’s professional, friendly and inviting, get in touch and we’ll look after you.

Why do I need a check-up and clean?

Teeth Whitening – Winning smiles dental surgery

It is recommended by The Australian Dental Association to visit the dentist every 6 months. But why are regular check-ups so important, and how does it affect your oral health?

A 6-monthly check-up and clean is more than a simple clean for your teeth. When you visit a Winning Smiles Dental Surgery, we can detect oral concerns early, such as gum disease, tooth decay, and even some oral cancers.

Besides keeping your teeth and gums healthy, a check-up and clean helps prevent larger dental issues from occurring. Restoration procedures can be expensive. For this reason, it can be more cost effective to see the dentist regularly rather than waiting for problems to occur.

Further, leaving dental concerns to fester can have adverse effects on your overall health.

5 Reasons Regular Dental Checkups Are Important

Professional Clean

When a dentist or oral health therapist cleans your teeth, they can remove built-up plaque and tartar your toothbrush alone cannot remove. As well, they have specially designed tools to help examine areas you might be neglecting in your oral hygiene routine.

This way, they can show you areas of concern and give you advice on how to improve your cleaning routine. Some common corrections are brushing too hard, not flossing daily, and missing sections while brushing.

Using the correct tooth brushing and flossing routine makes it is difficult for plaque to build up on teeth. When left on teeth, plaque eats away at the tooth’s protective enamel layer. Once the enamel is compromised you may require dental treatment such as fillings.

Prevent Diseases

Dental diseases can be painful and have adverse effects on our overall health. The good news is regular brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist can prevent dental diseases from occurring.

If, however, we do not look after our teeth and gums, the following problems can occur:

Tooth Decay

When plaque is left on teeth, it dissolves the tooth’s enamel causing tooth decay. Eating healthy foods and reducing the amount of carbohydrates and sugars in our diets can help reduce tooth decay.

Certain medications and prescriptions can facilitate tooth decay by causing dry mouth. Saliva is important as it neutralises acids in our mouth and washes away bacteria and debris.

Gum Disease

Gum disease relates to the gum around our teeth. When infected, the area is typically red, swollen, bleeds or is sensitive. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to tooth loss.

There is also evidence gum disease is linked to heart disease.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer in the early stages is highly treatable and is often curable. Your dentist will be able to detect if you have oral cancer.

Reduce/Prevent Restorative Treatments

Visiting the dentist every 6 months helps to keep your teeth and gums at their optimum. When you look after your oral health, it is less likely you will need major restorative treatments.

Restorative treatments such as a dental bridge, crowns, dental implants and root canal therapy can be expensive. You can potentially save more money in the long run by visiting the dentist regularly.


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Denture Liverpool

dentures - Winning smiles dental surgery

Dentures can be just as comfortable, effective and functional as any other restoration, so talk to us about high-quality dentures by calling 1300WSMILE today.

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Dentures help to improve chewing ability and speech. They also provide support for facial muscles by filling out your face and improving confidence as a result.

Winning smiles dental surgery has become renowned for enhancing the oral health and appearance of patients with missing teeth.

Winning Smiles Dental Surgery serves dentures to resident around Blacktown, Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool  Rooty hills, Marsden park, Stanhope gardens, Baulkham hills, Westmead, Windsor, Richmond  and Castle hills NSW.

At Winning Smiles You Have Freedom to Smile”.

Allow our professional dental prosthetic to give you back your confidence with a new smile. Missing teeth not only make a person look older and their face sunken, but also impede on chewing and speaking. By visiting our clinic, you will be fitted with denture that look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Wearing Your Dentures

While they take some getting used to and will never feel exactly the same as natural teeth, take comfort in the fact that today’s denture are natural looking and more comfortable than ever. You should wear them as much as possible, except when sleeping. That will give you a chance to clean your denture.

Cleaning Your Dentures

As with natural teeth, keeping your mouth clean and brushing morning and evening is just as important to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Denture-cleaning tablets can also be used to remove stains or bacteria.

Dental Adhesive

No matter how well your denture has been made to fit, they may not provide the same strong, biting surface as natural teeth. An adhesive can help prevent pieces of food getting stuck between the denture and gums, so a wider range of food can be enjoyed.

Dr.Samreen and her experienced Dental team, dentures believe that your smile is a reflection of you. It is the first thing you notice about a person and the last thing you remember at Winning Smiles. We aim to ensure each patient receives the highest possible quality of dental care.

How to Fix Broken Dentures

The process to fix broken dentures depends on how damaged your dentures are. Dentures that are cracked can often be bonded back together, but if the dentures have completely fallen apart, the solution could be to replace them. A lost tooth on the dentures is common and is usually fixable in just one day. It’s a good idea to visit our winning smiles dentists who can take impressions of your mouth to help determine the next step.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Services

Wisdom Teeth Removal Services

Over the past several thousand years, the human jaw has considerably decreased in size, while the teeth have remained roughly the same. Due to this little glitch, a great number of people have no room in their mouths for the very last molar that erupts in puberty, called the ‘wisdom tooth.’

Wisdom Teeth Removal Services -2

Most people will have their first wisdom teeth erupt when they reach ages 16 to 24. If there is inadequate room for a wisdom tooth to grow properly into the mouth, one of several things could happen. The wisdom tooth may remain impacted, meaning it resides dormant in the bone, where it could remain without causing trouble, or it may develop into a cyst or infection. If it erupts, it may push on the molar in front of it as it erupts, causing root resorption and the loss of the molar it grows into. It can decay adjacent teeth, cause rotations and tipping of adjacent teeth, and erupt in an uncomfortable position affecting biting. It may also only be able to “peek out” of the gum, because there is no further room for it, which means it becomes both impossible to keep clean, since a toothbrush can’t reach under the gum, and impossible to keep sterile, as it is already exposed to oral bacteria. In this case, an infection is very likely.

In some patients, wisdom teeth are missing entirely, and those lucky people never have to worry about them! For the rest, Winning smiles dental surgery has experienced dentists in wisdom teeth removal. We offer a safe, comfortable and smooth tooth extraction procedure. We know that many may fear to have their wisdom teeth removed, and we do our very best to allay your fears and keep you comfortable.

What to expect during wisdom tooth removal

First, our dentist will perform an initial consultation where he/she sits down with the patient to better understand their condition and concerns. In this case, an initial evaluation will be done to determine the reasons for removing the wisdom tooth before taking the right course of action. The patient will then be prepared for the extraction procedure.

During the extraction, an anesthesia is applied on the area to make the procedure pain free and comfortable. Once the area is completely numb, the tooth is removed, and resorbable sutures may be placed at the site of the extraction.

After the procedure, it is common for mild bleeding and swelling to occur. The dentist will apply gauze on the empty socket and you can use ice on the outside area to reduce swelling. You will also be advised to avoid eating hard foods and engaging in heavy physical activity, so plan accordingly! A diet that is comprised of soft foods and cold liquids is often recommended.

Should you have your wisdom tooth removed ?

If you are suffering from any of the following issues that could result in pain or discomfort, it’s best to consider having the wisdom tooth removed:

  • Your wisdom tooth appears to come out at an angle or is partially covered by gum
  • Your wisdom tooth has caused or is causing shifting of other teeth
  • The wisdom teeth are hard to keep clean due to positioning issues
  • The gum below the wisdom teeth is painful infected or inflamed

At Winning smiles dental surgery, our team of dental professionals are highly experienced in all kinds of tooth extractions. We use top of the line equipment and technologies to offer the best dental care possible. When you come to us, expect to get a very affordable wisdom tooth extraction without ever compromising on your well-being or comfort. We have knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to help you resolve all your dental problems.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding your wisdom teeth, please get in touch with us!

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