What is your emergency? Toothache

Toothache Sydney | Tooth Pain | Emergency Dentists Sunday Sydney

Toothaches? Come to us for all your #dentistry needs so we can help bring back your sparkly #smile!

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Toothache can occur in the teeth and around the jaws, and is caused by a number of different dental issues. Usually, the pain begins suddenly, and can range from mild discomfort to severe pain. It can come and go, but it can also be constant, and made worse by eating or drinking. Additionally, toothache may get progressively worse as time goes on, so it is essential to see a dentist as soon as you can.

The treatment for a toothache may involve a somewhat invasive dental procedure such as a dental filling, root canal, dental bridge, dental crown or ultimately, a tooth extraction. But treatment today can be comfortable, and in fact, often helps you avoid tooth extraction. In addition, today’s cosmetic dentistry options, like dental veneers and dental implants, offer alternatives to traditional treatment, and provide a greater esthetic and functional benefit.

Toothache treatment in Sydney. Open 7 Days Week. Treatments: root canals, wisdom teethtooth painEmergency Dentists Blacktown Sydney.


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