Common Reasons for Jaw Pain

Jaw Pain - Winning Smiles Dental Surgery

Suffering from Jaw pain?

Here are some of the most common causes of discomfort!

Grinding your teeth – People do this most often during sleep, without even realising. This can happen as a result of a combination of physical, psychological, and genetic factors.
Gum Disease – this is the infection of the tissue and bones that surround and support teeth. Although it doesn’t directly affect the Jaw, the pain can travel from the infected areas and create pain around the jaw.

Suffering from Jaw pain?

Untreated Cavities – Untreated cavities can create an abscess in the tooth, which will generate pain in the root of the tooth, and subsequently lead to jaw pain.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth – Partially or fully impacted wisdom teeth can become infected, which may result in swelling and severe pain.

TMD (also known as TMJ) – TMD is a disorder that affects the joints which connect the jawbone to the skull, and typically presents symptoms such as pain in the face, jaw, neck, shoulders and ear.
Many of these issues can be treated or prevented, so If you or your loved ones are suffering with Jaw Pain, make sure to arrange an appointment with winning smiles dental surgery.

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