Emergency Dental care

If you have a toothache or an emergency such as a broken tooth that is giving you pain, or pain that keeps you up at night, please
contact WINNING SMILES as soon as possible at 02 9622 3333

We will make every effort to get you into our Dental in Blacktown as soon as possible. Please call our office for information.
Relief is just a call away!

If office isn’t open, please contact Dr Samreen Kaur by calling the office for instructions. You can also go to the emergency
department, a walk in medical practice or you may contact your physician if you have swelling, chills, fever, or you feel your
situation is getting worse quickly.

For crowns or temporaries that have come off, please contact the Surgery as soon as possible for instructions. Never leave a
temporary or a permanent crown off your tooth. If you cannot come in, the best thing to do is get some denture adhesive and cement it
back on with the adhesive. This will hold the space between the teeth and prevent the crown from needing to be remade or adjusted

Emergency care - winning smiles dental surgery

If you have a problem that is not an emergency, or a scheduling conflict, please contact Winning smiles Dental Surgery during normal business hours at 02 9622 33 33.

For any Afterhours Emergencies please contact : 0469932473


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