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Our new dental clinic in Galston is almost ready to serve you better!

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Dentist Open On Weekend – Winning Smiles Dental Surgery


Got no time for dental treatment on working days?
We have a solution for you! We are open seven days a week to serve you better!
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Winning Smiles Blacktown : 02 9622 3333
Winning Smiles Denham Court : 02 9157 1000
Winning Smiles Galston: 02 9161 1199
1300 W SMILE

Dentist open on Sunday

Looking for a dentist open on Sunday? Here at winning smiles dentists, we understand that it’s not always easy to take out time for dental care during the busy weekdays. This is why we keep our weekends busy with appointments!

On top of all our services, winning smiles dentists are well known as a “dentist open on Sunday” and “dentist in weekends”.

  • We are presently accepting new patients to our dental family
  • We invite you to call us and schedule an appointment today!

It is recommended to see a dentist in a certain emergency for instance tooth is knocked either it is completely Broken or started moving from its place, It is very important to see an emergency dentist soonest possible time. In many cases teeth can be completely restored to its original position if the action is taken immediately. We are throughout the year for an emergency including public holidays, weekend and after hours by appointment only.

We provide a range of other services like Dental implants, braces care Pain Free Dentist and many other problems like dental injuries require emergency dental care to the resident of Blacktown, Denham Court, Liverpool, Campbelltown, Emerald Hills, Raby, Parramatta, Toongabbie, Quakers Hill, Glenwood, Rooty hills, Marsden Park, Stanhope gardens, Baulkham Hills, Westmead, Windsor, Richmond and other areas of Sydney.

At Winning smiles dental surgery, we are proud to say that we are the dentist open 7 Days and offers all General, Cosmetic and Emergency dental care serviceswe are available 7 days a week which means we are also available on Saturday and Sunday. At winning smiles Dental Surgery We always reward each Reference of new patients with exclusive $50 Off On Next Dental Treatment***(Conditions Apply).

Aesthetic Dental Service At Your Doorstep!


A beautiful and bright smile captivate others & fills you with confidence!

It’s about time you get that beautiful smile you always deserved.

Winning Smiles offers wide-ranging oral health services with comfort and care.
Our well-trained staff will take the utmost care while treating your dental problems, so you don’t feel any pain!
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Winning Smiles Blacktown : 02 9622 3333
Winning Smiles Denham Court : 02 9157 1000
Winning Smiles Galston: 02 9161 1199
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All-on-4 Dental Implants For a Naturally Beautiful Smile!

Imagine how pleasant it would be to bite an apple or a steak once again!
Imagine how confident you would be with an attractive, beautiful smile!

Get your Full-Arch Implant Rehabilitation(FAIR) at Winning Smiles and enjoy your life at it’s fullest!

We offer gentle and caring All-on-4 dental implant services to our customers and help them smile more!
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Winning Smiles Blacktown : 02 9622 3333
Winning Smiles Denham Court : 02 9157 1000

Dentist Near Me | Winning Smiles Dentists

Dentist Near Me | Winning Smiles Dentists | Blacktown | Denham Court

Are you searching for “walk-in dentist near me” or “walk in dentist office near me”?


We’ve got you covered.

We are open 24/7, and we accept walk-in appointments.


We know how it goes, most dental emergencies do NOT occur at the most convenient times, that is why we make it our business to be here for you when you need us most.

Dentist Near Me | Winning Smiles Dentists | Blacktown | Denham Court

Most Common Reasons for Our Emergency Dental Services

There are many reasons that our patients choose us. We do want to make it clear that although we specialize in emergency dentistry and walk-in appointments, we covered all areas of dentistry as well. We’ve put together a short list below of the most common reasons our patients visit our clinic.

  • Urgent Dental Care
  • Emergency Dentist Nearby
  • Toothache Emergency Dentist
  • Dentist Open on Weekends
  • Dentist Open Now
  • Dentist Near Me Open Today
  • Walk in Dentist Office
  • 24-Hour Emergency Dental Care

The above list is just a concise summary of the most common scenarios and reasons our customers choose us. We cover services and extend ourselves to meet and exceed our patient’s expectations day in and day out.


Dentist Open 7 Days a Week!

Winning Smiles Dental Surgery | Dentist Open 7 Days a Week!

We have resumed our operations as usual!
We understand it’s been a tough time for all of us. Many of you might be facing severe dental issues.
But hey, we are back!
With complete precaution and safety against COVID-19, we have resumed our work!
Contact us and book your appointment today!

Winning Smiles Blacktown : 02 9622 3333
Winning Smiles Denham Court : 02 9157 1000

Most Common Causes for a Toothache

Toothaches are one of the most common oral problems people face. They can make life miserable for anyone. Numerous reasons can cause a severe toothache. Generally, it’s a decayed tooth or a dental cavity. But there are many more common causes that can lead to a severe toothache. Let’s take a look at few of themMost Common causes for a toothache.

Decayed tooth

This is the most common cause of severe toothache. It’s harassing the humans for ages! During initial stages, decay shows no sign of pain or ache. But once the decay reaches “Dentin”, the inner layer of a tooth, it starts corroding it and creates a cavity. When the decay reaches the centre of a tooth, toothache becomes unbearable.

Severe pain can hamper your day to day activities. Hence, it’s essential that you visit a Dentist in your area as soon as possible to avoid any major issues.

Bleeding Gums

Periodontal diseases can result in inflamed gums leading to bleeding gums. Inflamed gums may cause pain due to gum bleeding. If you are suffering from gum bleeding, you need to visit a dentist as soon as possible. Any delay in treating bleeding gums can cause you more pain and might need surgery if left unattended.


If you feel severe pain in your tooth when you drink or eat something cold or hot, you are suffering from Dental Sensitivity. When your tooth’s enamel erodes due to any reason, sensory nerves inside your tooth are exposed. These exposed nerves result in insensitivity.

Chipped or fractured tooth

Any incident involving sports activities or accident can lead to a fractured tooth. You might feel excruciating toothache if a fracture reaches the nerves of a tooth. To avoid this, you must visit a dentist immediately in such cases.

Degraded filings

Filings are used to fill cavities and grooves in a damaged or fractured tooth. As this filling degrades, cavities open up and are exposed to infection and food particles. This can lead to extreme pain and toothache. So, visit a dentist instantly if your filing is degrading or sealant is eroding to prevent from further damage.

Misaligned teeth

Misaligned teeth often cause severe tooth-ache when they press along other teeth. Resulting pressure due to misaligned teeth deforms the jaw line too causing pain in jaws and gums.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom things are one of the leading causes of toothaches among the folks. Fully grown wisdom teeth or those below the gum line can obstruct the jaw movement resulting in severe pain. They should be removed through proper dental surgery at the earliest behest.

Improper brushing

Systematically brushing your teeth is very important to maintain oral health. Putting too much pressure on teeth while brushing can damage the gum line, resulting in weakened tooth and pain.

It’s essential to provide sufficient attention to any of the above points for healthy teeth and gums. If you are facing any dental emergencies, we are open on all seven days a week!

If you are looking for dental treatment in Liverpool, Dental treatment in Ingleburn or a Children Dentist in Parramatta, you can book an appointment with us anytime!

We offer all the dental treatment services, including Dental ImplantsGum bleeding’sJaw pain or toothache.